JDSQ Asia Pte Ltd, is a One Stop Service Provider, from concept through construction & to the finishing touches of the project, our team follows through to deliver an exclusives experience tailored to individual. By interpreting an individual client's style and needs, exploring ideas beyond limits, our team can successfully incorporate function while following curent fashion trends allowing Owners to pursue their Dreams like the Dream Catcher.

Our Corporate Logo

Our 4 beliefs like the feathers in the Dream Catcher:

  • Professionalism
    - To be equipped with right skill sets for the job.
  • Quality
    - To stride completing every job with pride and free of defects.
  • Responsibility
    - To be responsive and pro-active in updating our clients on the project.
  • Safety
    - To have a Zero accident and Hazard free working enviroment.


To continuously improve our service to customer and listen to their needs and requirements, bringing concepts to reality.


To be acknowledged as the ‘One Stop Service’ Provider in the Design & Build industry with quality, cost effective and efficient planning.